Kids Eye Exams

Our optometrists and opticians provide the highest level of personalized services, from eye exams and follow-up care, to frame and lens consultations.

Regular eye exams for kids are extremely important. You want your kids to learn, progress, and thrive. With regular eye exams, we can detect the eye issues that sometimes develop in children, even before they have the words to tell you about them.

Children from 0-18 years old are covered by Alberta Health for full comprehensive eye examinations plus any follow-up assessments that may be required.

If you notice your child squinting more than usual, rubbing their eyes more frequently, covering one of their eyes to see properly, expressing frustration during reading or school work, or if they are complaining about feelings of nausea or dizziness you should see an optometrist for a pediactric eye exam as soon as possible.

Patients trust us with their children’s eye exams. We are a family practice and we care for you and yours. 

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