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Eye Exams

We recommend that all people should have periodic and thorough eye examinations as part of routine primary care, especially since many eye diseases are asymptomatic.

Routine eye exams are an important part of good healthcare. In some cases, serious eye or medical problems are first discovered in a routine exam. In general, the earlier a potential problem is diagnosed, the better the prognosis for treatment. Our eye examination is exceptionally thorough and is designed to be a comprehensive checkup of the visual system and overall eye health. We incorporate technology to assist in the evaluation of spectacle and contact lens prescriptions, peripheral vision, intraocular pressure, and the general health of the eye.

The examination allows us to determine what type of vision correction is best suited for each individual patient. Your ability to see clearly at different distances will be tested to determine a proper prescription for glasses and or contact lenses. It includes the measurement of visual acuity, and a computer-assisted measurement of your refractive error. Your specific visual problems and needs are taken into consideration before the final correction is determined.

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